A. Colin Cameron
AN INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMETRICS (2022)                                                                         

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This version of the website is September 2022. I have made chapters 1-4 available free, as it may take time for students to receive a copy of the book.
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PART I:  Analysis of a Single Series
Ch.1    Analysis of Economics Data
Ch.2    Univariate Data Summary
Ch.3    The Sample Mean
Ch.4    Statistical Inference for the Mean

PART II:  Analysis of Two Series
Ch.5    Bivariate Data Summary
Ch.6    The Least Squares Estimator
Ch.7    Statistical Inference for Bivariate Regression
Ch.8    Case Studies for Bivariate Regression
Ch.9    Models with Natural Logarithms

PART III: Analysis of Several Series
Ch.10    Data Summary for Multiple Regression
Ch.11    Statistical Inference for Multiple Regression
Ch.12    Further Topics in Multiple Regression
Ch.13    Case Studies for Multiple Regression
Ch.14    Regression with  Indicator Variables
Ch.15    Regression with transformed Variables

PART IV: Further Topics
Ch.16    Checking the Model and Data
Ch.17    Panel Data, Time Series Data, Causation

Appx A.    Using Statistical Packages
Appx B.    Some Essentials of Probability Theory
Appx C.    Properties of OLS and IV Estimators
Appx D.    Solutions to Selected Exercises
Appx E.    Tables for Key Distributions

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