Taxation Revenue of U.S. Governments 2/19/2004
Colin Cameron Dept. of Economics, University of California - Davis

Data from EconomicReport of the President 2004, Feb 2004.
Data in Billions of Dollars

Federal Government:
Receipts in 2002 (Table B-83)
  832  Personal Current Taxes (personal income tax)
  737  Contributions for govennment social insurance (social security taxes)
  155  Taxes on Corporat Income (corporate income tax)
    88  Taxes on production and imports  (mostly excise tax)
    43  Other receipts
1862  Total Federal   [17.8% of GDP of 10,480]

State and Local Government
Receipts in 2000-01 (Table B-86)
264  Property Taxes
  321  Sales and Gross Receipts Taxes
  226  Individual Income Taxes
    35  Corporation Income taxes
  477  All other (often direct fees for services provided)
 Total State     [13.2% of GDP of 9,981]

So government revenue at all levels amount to 31 percent of GDP.

Major taxes are: