Health Economics ECN 132: Cancelled Spring 2024

ECN 132 will not be offered Spring 2024. I apologize for the short notice.

For those interested in the data analysis part of the course the department has added seats for
- ECN 141 - Economics and Financial Forecasts taught by Professor Shen.

For those interested in the microeconomics of individual behavior part of the course we suggest especially the following courses which have seats available
- ECN 190 Topics in Economics: Behavioral Economics taught by Professor Anujit Chakraborty
- ECN 151A Economics of the Labor Market taught by Professor Jeanna Stearns
- ECN 151B Human Resources taught by Shahar Sansani

Prof Cameron


Health Economics 132:
(1) Provides a detailed description of the institutional features of the health care market and current trends in this rapidly changing field;
(2) Demonstrates the use and usefulness of analyzing the health care market using economic analysis, particularly microeconomics;
(3) Analyzes individual-level health data using regression methods.

The course is directed to both economics majors and to non-majors with adequate background.
Required pre-requisites:
Economics 100A (Intermediate Microeconomics) or ARE 100A or consent of instructor.
An upper division regression class: one of Economics 102, Economics 140, ARE 106, Statistics 108 or consent of instructor.


Course materials

COurse materials will be posted at the course Canvas site (
The text is recommended but is not required.
Jay Bhattacharya, Timothy Hyde and Peter Tu: Health Economics, First edition, Palgrave MacMillan, 2014.
The course uses the statistical package Stata. This is available in university computer labs but you may want to purchase your own copy - see the course syllabus.

Past Exams

Spring 2023
Fall 2022
Further Material (Some of it dated)

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