A. Colin Cameron and Pravin K. Trivedi (2009)
Stata Press


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Initital Printing
In early December 2008 all the book programs downloaded directly from Stata (or from the zip file at the Stata website) were run on an Intel Core 2 CPU under Windows XP using Stata MP version 10.1.
The latest versions of the relevant user-written Stata programs were used. The output given in the book was completely replicated except for pages 130 and 140 because command drawnorm now uses rneomral() to generate multivariate normal. And on page 500 the output from command nlogit for the fishmode equations differed in the fifth significant digit, a machine dependent difference.

First reprinting (April 2009)
The first reprinting incorporates corrections and additions on pages 117, 130, 140, 142, 261, 262, 282, 287, 378, 397, 595 and 658.
The main corrections are on page 261-2 where the robust version of the Hausman test was incorrectly specified and on page 595 where the code for the bootstrap was incorrect.
The additions involve new references to user-written commands xtoverid and xtivreg2

A. Colin Cameron / University of California - Davis / http://www.econ.ucdavis.edu/faculty/cameron
Pravin K. Trivedi / Indiana University - Bloomington / http://php.indiana.edu/~trivedi